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1931Some people assume that you have to cut spending in every possible area to save the most money. If you have incredibly high willpower, that may be true. For everyone else though, spending some money on your high priorities helps keep you sane and allows you to maintain a stricter budget in other spending.

> BUDGET – When you’re trying to get out of debt and/or take control of your financial picture, you have to start with a budget. That’s because a budget is what you use to plan how you want to spend your money and how much you want to save. By following a budget, you harness the power of your money so you can reach your financial goals whether paying debt or just want to save up for some funds for your future goals or retirement plans.

> SAVE MONEY ON EVERYDAY EXPENSES – In order to successfully follow your budget, you’ll need to find opportunities to save money. Start from your groceries, utilities, transport and leisure. Make sure to keep track of your daily expenses and it is also wise to make price comparatives on any regular items that you buy.
The tough calls come with the purchases that give temporary satisfaction such as your daily latte or your fast food fixes. You may justify that those purchases are worthwhile since they at least make you happy for a short while. Is that very brief satisfaction worth paying more interest on debt or limiting your savings? Maybe it is that important to you, but chances are it’s an expense you can reduce.

> HOLIDAY EXPENSES – Carefully plan your holidays by booking your flights and accommodations early. Check online any low cost but practical ways for your next planned vacation.
If holiday budget is really tight, you can set up a staycation and enjoy some time to relax and rest with your family and friends, create interesting group activities.

> CREATE GOOD BUDGETING PRACTICES – Once you have established your budgeting behaviors, make sure that you tediously follow or stick with your budget. Avoid being tempted in any impulsive purchases or expenses. Depending on your financial situation, you may need to make some sacrifices. At the same time, you don’t want to let your budgeting prevent you from enjoying the things you love. Unless your situation is particularly dire, you do need to leave room for your major priorities. If you are in a very bad financial situation though, it’s probably time to make greater sacrifices at least temporarily.


> EARN EXTRA MONEY TO HELP YOUR BUDGET – You can work extra hours, do yard sales out of your stuff that is no longer being used, check tax refunds, or establish a small business. Proceeds can be used to cover some debt, or budget for your next purchase or holiday. Being wise and creative on how to earn extra funds will ease that financial burden out of your shoulder.

Author: Michael Welter

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  1. Budgets are good, but my personal experience was that the reality never matched the planned budget.
    I had much more success tracking what I actually spent and then looking back through to see where improvements could be made.

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