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How to Save: Strategies for Saving Money Part I

Strategies for Saving Money Each Month

The Traditional Methods

> Every day put all loose change into a jar, once full, deposit the money in savings account. Soon, money will grow into a little nest egg.

> Set aside an amount of money each month/pay-cheque for your savings. People have been doing this for years, but it takes discipline.

A Newer Method: Pay Yourself First

Most people pay all bills first, then save anything that might be left over. Paying yourself first, money will get saved because paying yourself becomes first priority. Nice thing about this method is, if your budget is tight, it forces you to make adjustments elsewhere and your savings continue to grow.

The Smartest Method to Save Money: Have a Spending Plan

The best method to saving money is to create a Spending Plan or a Budget. With a budget you figure out what your income is and what your expenses are. There are ways to reduce expenses or increase income to allocate an amount of money that can be saved. This method takes a bit of work at the beginning, but it works.

Ways to Save Money – How to Do It


Use One Savings Account


> Emergency savings account

> At least one savings account for major purchases

> Retirement savings account


Use Many Savings Accounts – If you find a bank or credit union that offers a free savings account, you can open up several savings accounts.  Then every time you get paid, you can put money into each of these accounts for every specific thing that you are saving for. This way you can keep your money safe from accidently being spent, and it will be there when you need it.


Places to Save Your Money


In Your Safety Deposit Box – Stashing cash in your safety deposit box is definitely safer than using a mattress or burying the money in the back yard, but money in a safety deposit box doesn’t earn interest.


In Your Bank Account – A chequing account or regular savings account is no place to save your money. Most of them pay any interest because the bank lends your money to other people when you aren’t using it. Money in a regular bank account might get used often, or you might need to withdraw it quickly, so the bank can’t lend that money out for very long because you might need it.


Other Investments – There are numerous other investments that you can use to save your money: money market funds, bonds, stocks, mutual funds and etc. If you plan to spend your savings within five years, best to find something safe to invest in. Most people, high interest savings account or a term deposit within a Tax Free Savings Account works just fine. These options are safe and sure—you know that your money is going to be there when you need it-like the stock market.


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