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worried-30148_1280When dealt with financial troubles, we could use all help we could get. These days, we now have more control of our money than ever before. But that convenience could mean disorganization, reckless spending, borrowing and debt.

Having poor money management techniques to your personal accounts is one thing, but doing the same to your small business funds could be disastrous. We may not be able to help you to become sensible because that’s on you. But, here are selected tools which can make a difference on how you think and act with your capital.




QUICKEN Premier – One of the most popular name in personal accounting. Quicken’s desktop tool is well-aged, feature-packed (though a bit outdated). It neatly links transactions between your accounts – so transferring from savings into a current account is one entry, with a ‘from’ and a ‘to’ rather than a pair –provides various budgeting and prediction tools to keep on track.


Personal Capital – Primary function is to track your investments, assets and savings, rather than specifically looking after your current accounts. Personal Capital offers specific advice and statistics based on your goals and current standing, but access to human financial advisors is where the company makes money. Anyone is welcome to use its website, but only accept you as a customer if you have at least $25,000 in liquid assets, and there’s an annual fee (a percentage between 0.89% and 0.49%) to pay for your assets’ management.


Buxfer   - An online service that does a good job of presenting your finances in a clean, professional manner. No need to provide your exact banking details if you are not comfortable. You have the option to go offline on your bank account, but if you are comfortable, there is a security encryption to protect your data and company is regularly edited.


You Need A Budget – YNAB’s primary mission, is to help you curb overspending and avoid living from paycheck to paycheck. Stick to the program, temper your spending appropriately, and eventually YNAB will see you spending last month’s money rather than that which you’ve just earned. If you get off track, YNAB will tell what’s need to do to get back to where you need to be.


Mvelopes - One time-honored technique is the envelope budgeting system: split funds, as they arrive, into various envelopes marked for specific purposes, never dipping into an envelope to spend cash on anything other than its designated use. Mvelopes is a way to put a representation of your sectioned-off income. Designate an envelope for working capital or savings and you can grow your personal wealth or business funds surprisingly quickly. Anything you don’t spend in an envelope stays there, giving you more to play with in your next pay cycle.

Author: Michael Welter

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